Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services

Westside Legal Documents, LLC can assist you in preparing your estate planning documents. These may include your Last Will and Testament, Living Trust, Living Will Declaration, and Powers of Attorney.

Last will and Testament

This document is a very important document for your Estate Planning. With this document, you authorize a loved one to be your Personal Representative (used to be called Executor) or Co- Representatives of your Estate, to handle your estate if you should pass away. The Personal Representative shall distribute your assets according to the instructions you leave in your Last Will and Testament.

Your Last Will and Testament should indicate what your wishes are concerning funeral arrangements, if you wish cremation or not, where you may have made your funeral arrangements or who you wish to do that for you. Who do you want to be in charge of your last wishes?

revocable living trust

Let us help you prepare a Revocable Living Trust. A Living Trust may help you avoid a probate of your estate. Your Trust becomes the owner of your assets. You will indicate in your Trust who you wish to be your Successor Trustee, the person who will indicate who will distribute your assets. We can assist you in retitling your assets to the name of your Trust. The best reason to have your own Revocable Living Trust is to keep your assets from having to go through the probate court process.

cremation/burial instructions

You may make funeral arrangements and indicate them in your Last Will and Testament. You may indicate cremation instructions in your Last Will and Testament also.

Restatement of Revocable living Trust

If you established your Trust years ago, you may want to have it reviewed and/or updated.  Trust laws were revised effective January 1, 2009.


A Codicil to your Last Will and Testament allows you to make a change to your Last Will without having to entirely replace your Last Will with a new one. You may change your Personal Representative or add an alternate. You may wish to change the distribution of your Estate by having a Codicil done to your Last Will.

living will Declaration

This document will indicate what your wishes are should you be at the end of your life, and the use of mechanical devices are the only thing keeping you alive. If you are in an irreversible coma
or persistent vegetative state and the only thing keeping you alive is the use of mechanical devices, do you wish to be kept alive with machinery? Do you wish to donate organs or tissue after you pass away? Do you wish to donate your body to science? These are questions you would indicate your wishes to your agent so your agent can carry out your wishes.

Amendment to the trust

Sometimes you may want to make a change to your Trust. You may want to change the Successor Trustee or the distribution of your Estate. This is done by a simple Amendment to your Trust and becomes part of your Trust. You may want to have your Trust reviewed every so many years since things do change in your life. There were many trust law changes effective January 1, 2009. We can review your Trust for free.

financial power of attorney

A financial power of attorney is for you to allow someone to have access to your financial matters; your checking account, your banking and credit card issues. If you were unable to act for yourself regarding your financial matters, your named agent could take care of the issues needing attention.

healthcare power of attorney

By naming health care agents, you would allow a loved one to talk to your doctors regarding your private health care issues. If you were having surgery done, your agent could talk to your doctor during surgery if there was a matter that needed immediate attention.

Mental healthcare power of attorney

A Mental Healthcare Power of Attorney will allow your agent to speak on your behalf if you suffer from a mental illness or brain injury. You establish this power while you are of sound mind, so that later on, even if you do not recognize your agent any more, someone can still act on
your behalf.

Life events can be overwhelming and stressful. Let us take the burden off your shoulders, and provide you with peace of mind.